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Here's a little bit of humour, hope you have a superfabtastic day!!!!!

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Drabble - Speed

Just a nice short story about teenage drug addicts, no big deal. Perfectly normal.

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shuffle meme addict

shuffle is surprisingly cooperativeCollapse )

I'm bored, so I'm doing a shuffle meme. It's how I roll~~ Anywho, it's one of those where you have questions and whatever song plays answers them. Or something.

well then, that was fun xD


that one shuffle meme

I think we all know the drill. I post the first couple lines, you guess what song it is. Go go go!

lol lj is all weird now what are these strange buttons akljsdfhkjahsCollapse )


somewhere perfection lies

 I am so excited to share this with you guys!! I've been busybusybusy with this new project for the past couple days, and now it's all done! askdjfhs ignore my hyperbouncyness, it's been a long time since I've actually accomplished something to feel mildly proud about xD

Anywho, this is a music video for the song by the amazingadorabubble LIGHTS, enjoy!


a bit late, but....


Dentures, Depends, and Detonations

Thank you twitter, for sparking all kinds of ridiculously awesome story ideas. In this tale, the cliquesters get old. As usual, freshly written and certainly not revised, so forgive any typos or errors. Enjoy, lovelies.

 born for the blue skies, we'll survive the rain, born for the sunrise, we'll survive the painCollapse )

Also, I know I just got back but I'm leaving for the amazing Chincoteagueland tomorrow for about a week, so unless there's wifi I probs won't be on twitter, but I might be able to update facebook from my phone, so yeah. See ya~~